Giana Sisters App Reviews

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New Large Arrows on the Screen

As the Giana Sisters Support page is in German - I am leaving my question here. Is there any way to turn off the large blue and green arrows and the fire symbol so that they don’t show up in the game ? They just showed up after you updated the game on March 4, 2016. I have a 27” iMac and those symbols are huge on my screen and they block out a large portion of the lower section of the screen. You can’t look down and see anything when those symbols are on the screen. Thanks

No Music Off option?

We just bought this game to play on our new mac pro retina. Main issue is There is No option to “OFF” the music in the background and just keep the sound On, like it was in windows. Kindly add that option- Thanks

Great Retro Title Reimagined

This is a great game to play for old-school gamers! It is great fun, and the graphics are great! It would be nice to have some joystick support added to finish off that retro feel!

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